Department of Medicine

University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute
Quantum One Building
Suite E290
2 Hot Metal Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Administrative/ Research Office: (412) 864-0157
Patient/ Clinical Inquiries:
(412) 586-9700


Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh Diabetes Institute (UPDI) are affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. Research that ranges from basic science to clinical and translational is conducted at UPDI.

Research projects have examined:

  • cell therapies, including pancreatic islet cell transplantation
  • gene therapy and the genetic causes of diabetes
  • the effect of exercise on insulin sensitivity
  • obesity and insulin resistance
  • causes of, and treatments for, obesity
  • diabetes retinopathy
  • coronary and kidney disease in diabetes
  • diabetes in pregnancy
  • diabetes epidemiology, including outcomes and interventions
  • behavioral aspects of diabetes care and management
  • diabetes prevention
  • evaluating new approaches for delivering quality health care